Cornell said sure enough, results confirmed he had

Mom sues school over son’s brain injuries

Cornell told FOX 5 that from ages 8 to 17, Tyler played football, mostly as a lineman, and had taken countless hits to the head. At the end of high school, she said her son began dealing with depression. She remembered news reports about CTE and the link to football, so she sent Tyler’s brain to be tested. Cornell said sure enough, results confirmed he had CTE.

“It was a difficult report to read and see that on paper that truly my son had stage one CTE,” Cornell said.

In the following months, Cornell met Kimberly Archie, who felt her pain. Archie’s son Paul Bright died in a motorcycle crash when he was only 24.

“I was floored, but when I heard from the police that he was driving reckless it reminded me of Junior Seau when he drove off the cliff,” Archie said.

Archie said she also found her son, who played football from ages 7 to 15, had CTE ## ## .

Now, the two women are teaming up and suing Pop Warner. They accuse the youth football organization of failing to have equipment standards like for helmets and not having league wide safety guidelines.

The two mothers say they are not suing for the money, but to make a difference in others’ lives.

“We’re saving young boys. We are saving families from our pain and our heartache, and again Tyler’s life wasn’t in vain. I say football had an impact on my son. Well, my son is going to have an impact on football now,” Cornell said.

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